Freddy Brewer is a solo nylon-string guitarist and vocalist with a wide repertoire of popular, classical, and international songs. A typical performance will include original works and music from The Beatles, Tears for Fears, Antonio Carlos Jobim, J.S. Bach, Francisco Tárrega, and George Brassens but Brewer is always eclectic, unpredictable, and supremely entertaining. He has lived and learned in France and China and has a world traveler’s personality and taste in music. 

Brewer earned his stripes busking on the streets of Philadelphia to rave reviews and is now bringing his magic to stages and private events. He has performed at private events and venues such as Fergie's Pub, Pinot Boutique Wine Bar, Stir Lounge, and can provide three hours of music and entertainment. 

Freddy is motivated by romance, nostalgia, and beauty and is a breath of fresh air in an often high-tech, auto-tuned, and sterile world. He is a real, human entertainer who embodies the best elements of live music and can take a crowd from Bach to Bowie and back again. Any venue or event needing a fun, solid solo performer would be wise to book him today.